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Sandblasting and Painting

Automotive Dustless Blasting is the perfect tool for automotive stripping.

No sanding… No warping… No rust


Safe on steel, aluminum, fiberglass, even great for wood restoration

* Removes graffiti, rust, paint, powder coating, lacquer, grease, even dried on concrete


Small projects – drop it off to us; Larger projects we can come to you.

* Painting is also available (for work at our location)


Capabilities include but are not limited to:

* Wrought Iron paint stripping

* Motorcycle frames

* Decks - all coatings

* Parking lot lines

* Bottom boat paint removal

* Brick cleaning – graffiti, paint, and mold removal

* Truck Frame, full restorations

* Car body paint

* Trailers – frame work and wood decking


In-house or On-sight with our Mobile Blasting Unit

Pressure washing is also available.


Also known as Vapor blasting, Dustless Sand Blasting (sandblasting)

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